Single grain inspection based on computer vision.​

Smart Quality Control Automation for Seeds, Grains and Nuts. ​

We offer technological solutions designed for the agroindustry

  • Quality Control of Rice and Other Fine Grains

    Rice Analyzer

    High Speed Automated Quality Analysis of Rice and other Grain samples.

  • Automation of Sample Quality Control.

    MV 360

    Automated Quality Analysis of Grains, Seeds and Nuts with 360° Vision.
  • Automated Visual Analysis of Corn ears

    MV Espigas

    Non-destructive technology to quantify the number of grains, obtain dimensions, percentage of granulated area, and other parameters of corn cobs, enabling yield estimations and measurement of results from different agricultural practices.



We provide the necessary training for the use, configuration and maintenance of our devices, in our offices, in-site and also online.

Remote Access​

Using remote access technology over the Internet, we can access your device to perform diagnostic, maintenance and configuration tasks.


We have post-sales technical assistance both for the maintenance and repair of the devices and for the supervision of the programming and configuration.

  • The benefits of our technology

    Reduction of time

    Quality Control digitalization and traceability.
    QC Lab optimization and productivity increase.

  • The benefits of our technology

    Digital reporting

    Reduction of sample analysis time.
    Minimization of subjectivity in quality control processes.
    Digital reporting with sample information and kernel Images.

  • The benefits of our technology


    Quality Control Automation.
    Detection of defective kernels and foreign material.


is used in over 20 countries around the world.

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